Meditation "Healing of Childhood"
A transformative and heartfelt meeting: you, an adult, with younger-self, who has just begun to know her femininity...
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Meditation" Meeting & Healing your Childhood-Self
A transformative and heartfelt meeting: you, an adult, with younger-self, who has just begun to know her femininity

  • Can a woman know for certain why her life is the way it is?
  • What are the reasons for dissatisfaction with her situation, with someone in her life, with herself?
  • Why do you still not admit to yourself your true aspirations?
  • Why do you sometimes say no when you want to say yes?
  • Do you acknowledge when you want to run away, and then feel guilty for it?
  • Why is it so difficult for you to be sincere with your parents?
  • Is it difficult, at times, to understand your own children?
  • Why are you threatening to leave your relationship, or are you furiously defending your truth?
  • Why are you offended, or closed, or arrange provocations and fights out of the blue?

The answers almost always lie in childhood. Now, everyone knows this and brings up their past, corrects mistakes, blames, and then forgives someone or themselves...

In the meditation guided by Miriam, you, perhaps for the first time, will enter your life from the front door.
You will enter it as a Queen, as a Mystic, and all-merciful and wise Teacher, as a Mother, as a Healer ...

Your conversation with yourself - a girl - is not an educational conversation, not a "debriefing." It is not like a meeting with a psychologist, psychoanalyst, or hypnotist.

Your meeting - the Game, the Mystery, where your child and adult-self become one, current and trusting, is an open space of love and kindness. You get to just let your child-self open up and be herself. And a miracle happens - a miracle of healing.

For some, a complete healing of these aspects of life happens after one time of listening to the meditation. And some need to repeat the meditation many times.

But the Miracle certainly happens right away - try it and you will feel it, as I felt it, and our entire small female circle.
Healing, as they say, the trauma of the past, in many ways changes your path in the future. So, meditation imperceptibly transforms consciousness and changes the fate - yours and your loved ones.

Truly heartfelt, Blissful, Divine meditation, accessible and vital to everyone.

With great gratitude to Miriam
Meditation Psychological rebirth of yourself
Meditation Psychological rebirth of yourself is a great choice to transform your life on a deep and quality level.

For best results please find a comfortable quite space and a free hour for yourself where you will not be distracted. Ideally it is the best to be in the nature during the meditation.

During the first part of meditation you will be guided into the safe space to undergo process of psychological dis-attachment from your parental house.
For every adult stepping into mature life it is highly important to feel oneself fully capable to create a dream life. This requires a natural healthy termination of being (psychologically) dependent on one`s parents and on any conditions (social concepts, religions, opinions, beliefs, etc.) A mature man same as a mature woman are meant to have energetic capacity and clarity to become long-term masters of one`s lives. The first part of meditation will help you to see and release/ cut any patterns that hold you back and will free you as a mature person to be fully capable and resourceful in creating your own life.

During the second part you will be guided through your childhood, your early stages of life and life with your parents. Carefully eliciting important stages in your life you will be given a safe space to recreate healthy feelings and visions of your self-perception - your true nature as a woman or a man, sexual energy, healthy visions of your original family, the communication and relationship patterns between your parents and you.

The safe and guided space will help you to readdress unsolved matters, issues, trapped emotions, suppressed energy during your way of becoming a mature person.
You will be able to understand on the deeper level the root cause for your current problems in any aspect of your life. Through the process of understanding, accepting and recreating new, healthy, resourceful visions of your past and present Self - you will release your own tremendous potential as a mature capable person with expansive clarity, as you will be no longer psychologically attached to any unsolved issue from the past or to any parts of your unhealed personality that unconsciously requires your attention and affects present life. Hence, all your precious energy will be reclaimed to serve you in creation of your life with the sense of freedom, self-fulfillment and deep expansive enjoyment.

We highly recommend you to do this meditation several times, as with every time new layers of realizations will be uncovered and released.

Enjoy the process….
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