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Meditations that Heal the Heart
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These meditations are for you if:
You want to master your life and love yourself fully
You are ready to own every aspect of your life
You are longing to feel truly feminine
You want to unleash your creative potential
You are ready to feel deeply satisfied in life
You are looking to bring more harmony to relationships with loved once
Would you like to master your life?
Step into the flow of life with fluidity and flexibility sourced in the feminine, while being soundly rooted in the physical

Feel confident and blessed while sustaining inner relaxation and flow

Develop all aspects of your personality, create and evolve, leaving behind unnecessary baggage
Course author
Free yourself from heavy emotions and limiting beliefs and receive only the best that the universe provides for you
You deserve to live immersed in abundance and feminine wisdom, radiating love and gratitude
Flow through life knowing that every day you are choosing and receiving only the best on your feminine path
Experience heart healing meditations that will restore your femininity and help you connect with the universe on a new level
Unleash your inner resources of love and beauty
Why our meditations work
The meditations are Miriam's quintessential wisdom rooted in the sacred teachings of Yoga, Tai Chi and Kabbalah
Working with the subconscious
A uniquely crafted technique that works gently with your past, present and future
Practical Application
Simple, accessible language, combined with key moments in every woman's life produces stunning results
Finding power
These practices empower you to take full responsibility for your life
Many years of experience
Developed over 20 years of successfully working with thousands of women
Master teacher Experience
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Read the feedback from our students
Read the feedback from our students
Our meditations
Garden of Senses
Healing Childhood
Get access to a mediation healing a childhood experience
Psychological birth
Get access to a meditation
Miriam is a spiritual teacher, a loving wife and mother, a Montessori consultant. The true power of Miriam's teachings come from her embodiment of her knowledge. She teaches only that which has become a visceral part of herself.
Miriam Rabin
Meditation Master Teacher
Miriam generously shares a cornucopia of tools that unlock the path to the boundless Soul within each of us through deep body/mind relaxation, and healing of the conscious and unconscious parts of the self.

Miriam invite you on a journey towards your own harmonious, sensual femininity.
How Our Meditations work
Effects on the subconscious
The subconscious mind is a powerhouse of unlimited creativity and abundance.
Meditation helps to reprogram your subconscious mind, transform the past and create pathways for satisfaction and joy.
Inner space
Meditation starts with slow and conscious breathing that creates space to then fill with conscious intent.
Conscious breathing
Mindful breathing is the basic foundation and center of meditation. The idea is simply to focus your attention on your breath—to its natural rhythm and flow and the way it feels.
Healing the past, setting future intentions
In our meditations we use visualization, the senses and the power of intention to produce transformative results.
Going Deeper
As you get better at meditating you will get deeper access into yourself, heal emotional blocks that keep you stuck and create a life that feels connected, aware and fluid.
Popular Questions
Miriam, what is your definition of meditation and which spiritual or religious practice of meditation do you follow?
The traditional understanding of meditation includes two concepts. In Judaism, meditation is understood as a filling up, while in Eastern teachings it is an emptying out. In Judaism, we focus on one of the Divine attributes, or on a particular sefira of the Kabbalistic Sephirot Tree. We fill up on the pure energy that this attribute carries. Eastern practices suggest that one should concentrate and quiet the mind, for example, by concentrating on a single point. In many Eastern practices the goal of the meditator is to become transparent and detached from this world.
I offer an approach that is outside of religious concepts. My meditations usually focus on one of two main goals. The first is to bring to the surface a subconscious block that has not been experienced, addressed, or lived through mindfully. The second goal is to focus on a desired future. The past sometimes holds a person back; they may remain within old programs of childhood or adolescence. Their personality is often underdeveloped because of their lack of confidence in themselves, their inability to create requests, goals and gradually reach them. In other words, in my meditations we either heal the past or prepare the ground for the future.
It appears that the person who practices your meditations has to be psychologically unhealthy. Do you have meditations for those who don't have problems?
Of course. When the healing of all unhealthy and weak points within happens, when unconscious moments from the past and various blockages are processed and transformed, the purpose of meditation changes from therapeutic to supportive.

The main point of meditation is to learn to perceive oneself as a kind of built up personality. I am currently working with a small group of women. The goal we set for ourselves is to come to an awareness of femininity but not in terms of just its external material nourishment: acquiring physical beauty, sexuality, etc. At the same time, becoming aware of oneself as a woman does not imply escaping from the physical world either. A woman should not live in a mode of rigid asceticism, not caring about her body, considering spiritual orientation to be the most important thing, going entirely into prayer or limiting herself to childbearing function. Femininity - as I see it - is a way of developing a woman's personality where both are in harmony. In our meditations, we support a woman in a state where she can find a balance between spiritual and material wealth and learn to appreciate both. Over time, the woman herself can learn to enter the parts of herself where she may have had some disturbance - something unresolved, unfinished. Through our work, the woman releases the energy from that time and continues to move forward in a wholesome, conscious state.
How do I choose the right meditation for me?
We offer meditations that allow you to work through key periods of personal development one at a time. At every age, a certain layer of development is established. If there was a stagnation in a developmental stage, then the personality cannot unfold harmoniously - there will be a distortion in either the spiritual or material sphere of life and an adult woman will not be able to fully realize herself as a Woman. In our meditations you can purposefully work through and heal different phases of life. For example, we developed meditations for healing childhood and adolescence: ages 3, 5-7, 12, 15-17 and 18 years old. When a woman takes a deeper view of herself, she becomes a Woman-Personality, a Creator, dare I say, a Goddess.
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Garden of Senses
Coming soon...
Meditation" Meeting & Healing your Childhood-Self
Meditation: Encounter and Heal your childhood self.

A transformative and healing encounter between your adult self and your younger self (who has only begun to discover her femininity).

  • Know why your life turned out the way it has

  • Why you feel dissatisfied with your situation, with someone in your life, with yourself

  • Why you refuse to accept your true inner aspirations

  • Why you sometimes say "no" when you want to say "yes"

  • Why you feel the urge to run away, and then feel guilty about it

  • Why it's difficult for you to be sincere with your parents

  • Why it's difficult, at times, to understand your children

  • Why you're threatening to leave your relationship but in reality furiously defending your truth

  • Why you often have hurt feelings, or close up, or subconsciously provoke conflict seemingly out of the blue

The answers almost always lie in your childhood. Now, you can have the opportunity to bring up and understand your past, correct the mistakes made, let go of the blame and forgive others and yourself.

In this meditation, guided by Miriam, you will perhaps for the first time enter your life from the "front door" . You will enter as a Queen, as a Mystic, as a wise and forgiving Teacher, as a Mother, and as a Healer…

Your encounter with yourself, as a young girl, will not be educational or informational. It won't be like meeting with a psychologist, or a psychoanalyst or a hypnotist. Your encounter will feel more like a Game, a Mystery to be solved, where your child self and adult self merge into one, present and trusting, in a space filled with love and kindness. And in that space a miracle can happen - the miracle of healing.

For some women, a complete healing can happen after just one time of doing the meditation. Others may need to repeat the meditation many times to experience its full effect.

But the healing miracle will start happening right away. Try it and you will feel it, as I have felt it, and as did others in our small female circle.

Healing a traumatic past changes your future path in many ways. So too, meditation subtly transforms your subconscious and changes your destiny - yours AND your loved ones.

Heartfelt, Blissful, Divine meditation is vital and accessible to everyone.

Meditation Psychological rebirth of yourself
Meditation: Psychological Rebirth of the Self

Transform your quality of life on a deep level.

For best results, find a comfortable and quiet space where you can be left undisturbed for an hour.

Ideally, you should be in nature during the meditation.

In the first part of the meditation, you will be guided into a safe inner space where you can process psychological detachment from your parental home.

For every adult stepping into a mature life, it's highly important to feel capable and empowered to create the life of their dreams. This requires a natural and healthy detachment from being psychologically dependent on one's parents or on any other conditions (social acceptance, religion, other's opinions, beliefs, etc)

A fully mature man or woman is meant to have the energetic capacity and vision to become a lifelong Master of their life. The first part of the meditation will help you see and release any patterns that hold you back and empower you to be free, fully capable and resourceful in creating your own life.

In the second part of the meditation, you will be guided through your childhood and the early stages of life with your parents. In a safe space, you will carefully elicit important stages of your life and recreate healthy visions and feelings of your self perception - your true nature as a man or woman and your sexul energy. You will recreate healthy visions of your family, the relationships and communication patterns between you and your parents.

This safe and guided space will help you readdress unsolved matters and issues, release trapped emotions and suppressed energy while on your way to becoming fully mature. You will be able to understand the deeper root and cause of any current problem you are experiencing in your life. Through the process of understanding, accepting and recreating new, healthy and resourceful visions of your past and present Self - you will release your own tremendous potential as a mature capable person with expansive clarity, as you will no longer be psychologically attached to any unsolved issues from the past or to any parts of your unhealed personality that unconsciously require your constant management and deeply affect your life. Hence, all your precious energy will be reclaimed to serve you in the creation of your dream life with a sense of freedom, self-fulfillment and deep expansive enjoyment.

We highly recommend you do this meditation several times, as with every time new layers of realizations will be uncovered and released.

Enjoy the process...

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